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Tuesday, 18 April 2017 15:37

We are now Rhombus Connexion

Forging ahead with a clear vision, mission and new core values to achieve the next level of growth.

The F&B landscape is changing, and so are we. The inaugural corporate town hall last 18 April marked a new chapter for the Group when the face of the newly integrated Rhombus Connexion was made official..

But what does this integration mean and signify? Well, we’ll tell you the whats and whys. Rhombus Connexion is the result of integrating Rhombus, the Group’s corporate headquarters, and Connexion, the restaurant and bar division. This means, what was two separate divisions have come together, merged, to form ONE cohesive, synergistic entity.

THE ANSWER: Besides removing the identity crisis, which you may or may not have encountered, of whether you’re part of Rhombus Food & Lifestyle (RFL) or Connexion Holdings (CGX), the marriage means that each and every team member will now be part of what is a marriage made in heaven - a marriage that combines the strengths of two families to bring change, in the most positive, impactful way. Bringing the two major brands together is all about unleashing the bigger dream and possibilities as ONE.

Even before the marriage, the Group’s vision was always to become a trusted, influential and diversified Food & Beverage conglomerate in South East Asia. Now, after the marriage, this has not changed but it has strengthened and fuelled the drive to achieve the vision; it has made the vision much clearer. Its mission? Rhombus Connexion wants to achieve the vision through building a unique and thriving organisation, by empowering entrepreneurs and nurturing growth and happiness in its talents.

Leave cookie-cutter values out of the box because Rhombus Connexion cares for its people and it shows clearly on its refreshed set of values. The core values are not only people-centric, focused on the team’s happiness, well-being and personal growth, they are empowering; they serve as a reminder that each and every team member have the power to bring about change - you just need to look within yourself to unleash the inner creativity, deliver exceptional results and rise to the top.

These core values (Deliver Wow, Learning Culture, Fun at Work, Open & Honest Communications, Change To Improve, We Are Family) underpin the Group’s culture and they way things should be done.

The new future and streamlined direction of the newly unveiled Rhombus Connexion is signified with a new logo which aptly combines of the best elements of both brands; it represents the power unleashed by combining the two powerhouses to redefine the F&B landscape by providing a visionary platform for entrepreneurs, and to build a sustainable ecosystem for the the industry through its combined strengths.

With this new name, new logo and newly-found enforced positivity, Rhombus Connexion envisions to be Malaysia’s fastest growing F&B brand that sets the industry’s standards for cuisines, services and dining experiences, through its innovation and robust concepts.

Let’s look forward to a great future because together, we stand to achieve so much more. One name. One vision. One dream. Together, we shall rise to the peak.

It was such a joy to have you guys at our official town hall. We cannot thank you enough for your support. A new name, a new beginning - we believe that our family will only become bigger and stronger. Let us look forward to a great future together. #rhombusconnexion #iamrcx